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Moving Service

Moving Service

Local Removals
At Crown Relocations ACT we specialize in local relocations. Our staff are highly trained and offer a professional service to meet your needs.
Crown Relocations ACT can also provide an hourly rate rather than a fixed rate so you can determine how long you want the move to be completed over and control the cost.

Interstate Removals
Crown Relocations ACT not only offer a service when moving in your local area. We also provide an interstate relocation service.
When planning an Interstate removal, contact our office and we will have a highly trained representative provide you with a firm quotation for all your requirements. As moving interstate can also be stressful and time consuming, we can provide additional services such as pet transportation to make the process much easier.

Office Relocations
Crown Relocations ACT has a wide choice of office and commercial relocation options available, whether you’re moving from floor-to-floor, building-to-building, or state-to-state, you choose a solution that fits your needs and our team will take care of the rest.

Removal Tips

  • Regard moving as an opportunity to get rid of belongings you no longer need. Consider making ”donate” and “sell” piles in each room for things you could do without.
  • People have a tendency to keep outdated paperwork for a very long time. Realise that paper is very heavy . Do yourself a favour and get rid of any outdated documents prior to moving..
  • Make sure you have a generous supply of packaging tape, scissors, markers and labels.
  • Defrost your refrigerator in time for moving day.
Moving Out
  • Contact all relevant authorities to notify of your new address.
  • Return all library books, DVD's etc.
  • Arrange transfer of bank accounts, internet, telephone, gas, electricity connections.
  • Fill prescriptions needed the week before and after the move.
  • Service your car, drain the lawnmower.
  • Arrange final readings of gas and electricity meters, remove batteries.
  • Discontinue any delivery services, newspapers, automated payment plans and local memberships. Collect dry cleaning.
  • Leave a note or small gift for new residents.
  • Create a packet for new residents with owner's manuals and warranties for appliances.

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